learning curve : blogging


I’ve been trying to write and blog for years. I even deleted a whole five years worth! How I wish importing the posts had been an option when I stopped paying for that other service. Writing is just a drive I have, but being a ‘Bear of Very Little Brain” as Pooh would say, my brain just doesn’t compute the language of computer programming.

One thing at a time. Figured out how to jump a few of the hurdles today. Sigh.


This is going to take some time. More time. I just want to write!

Anyhoo – Daybook: Currently ~

Reading: anything KETO

Playing: iTunes playlist “Soothing”

Watching: Rebecca, Exxon Mobil Masterpiece Theater Movie, 2003. Oy!

Trying: anything KETO

Eating: KETO

Cooking: KETO

Drinking: Pinot Grig

Calling: No one. Don’t talk on the phone. Ever. (being Introvert)

Texting: Hubs

Pinning: KETO

Tweeting: Political, Conservative

Crafting: Chalk Painting anything that stands still

Scrapping: Collecting, sorting supplies for now

Doing: Dishes, dusting and vacuuming right after this!

Going: to church tomorrow, reformed presbyterian biblical

Loving: God, Hubs, Boundaries, Safety

Hating: Turmoil

Discovering: Hospitality ~ forced!

Enjoying: planning garden, purchases toward…

Thinking: too much. Overthinking wrong things. Underthinking right things.

Feeling: as little as possible. The facts don’t care about feelings.

Hoping: Obedience, Faith, Understanding, Long life with Hubs

Listening to: Strange Fire by John MacArthur on Audible

Celebrating: too much!

Smelling: Woodwick candle: Timber

Thanking: God

Considering: Cleaning out Spring Garden beds

Finishing: Home Reno, stone, beams, paint…

Starting: KETO weight loss 40 lbs.

Grieving: My dad passed 2 months ago. He didn’t like me. We had no goodbye. It’s ok. I have a Father.


j leigh





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