Boundaries, a real thing…

Cults can actually teach you good things before you are rescued out of them. And after! My family and I have been rescued out of several. Some are two-person cults, some are full of tens of thousands of goats.

One of the best things I learned while in the cult “The Two By Two’s” or “The Church With No Name,” which incidentally, has many names – was to learn “my place” or “your place” or to stay in your place. To not take another’s place. Hierarchy. Order. Borders. Boundaries. *Gasp!*

What if… things like Biblical Theology, The Biblical Church, The Trinity, Creation, Marriage, Family really are True and GOOD THINGS? What if these are beautiful, life-giving, life-affirming hedges?

If Biblical Theology really is a thing that can be known, if one could really find a Biblical Church, if The Bible really is an instruction book for life and God is God ~ and we’re NOT… and if people really pursued and lived the principles within these Boundaries, how different would our de-evolving, circling the drain society be?

Dating (now called Hooking Up) really is practice for Divorce, Using Others, Sinning against each other, conceiving and slaughtering millions of unwanted children. Divorce is hardly a thing anymore because Marriage isn’t either. Manhood is barely a thing. Patriarchy is now terrorism. Womanhood is now Manhood… effeminate snowflake males with man buns, unsure what gender even is. Was. Draw a straw. What’s trendiest this week? Churches are Social Philanthropist Clubs enabling, nay causing millions of sheeple to wander life aimlessly. The acceptable number of children is 1, two tops… and they’re props to live vicariously through from Daycare to Degree x-figure income.

Hedges are for protection. True Shepherds are Protectors. Gates protect. Doors. Fences. Rules. Constitutions. Governments. There is Order derived from this Truth throughout history, society, nature, business… and where there isn’t ~ there is chaos, shattered life, the walking wounded and death. So much could be avoided if it weren’t for the Hatred of Boundaries.

Everything about Biblical Theology teaches boundaries, hierarchy, place. My place. I love my place. My PLACE has kept me safe from untold evil and pain. Daughter of the Holiest and Most High King (not ‘my daddy’ or ‘papa’ but The Holy God), Wife, Mother. I have other ‘places’ too, but God’s order is perfect. As for God, His Way is Perfect.

I collect. I collect way too many things. But my favorite things are the beautiful truths of God. I hide them in my heart, but I also collect them here, my Pinterest addiction.

Until next time,

j leigh

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